I write things. You can find a list of some of my publications on my website where I blog about movies, rejection, boy trouble, and other things. You can also find where I’m reading next.

I have a story forthcoming in Best American Short Stories  2012. I write regularly for Salon, The Rumpus, and I recap trashy television for Wall Street Journal. I used to write regularly for HTMLGIANT but I don’t do that as much anymore.

You can reach me at roxane at roxanegay dot com.

I am the co-editor of PANK. I am the essays editor for The Rumpus. I run a small publishing concern called Tiny Hardcore Press. 

I teach creative writing, professional and technical writing, and new media for my day job. 

I play competitive Scrabble.

Obviously, I live in the middle of the nowhere and have too much time on my hands.